1700’s please

Hey gang, recently a helped a friend move from North Carolina to Maine, he scored some new digs in the form of a 1700’s New England/Maine farm house.

I took some photos of the Pole barn he had, but am holding on posting the photos of the house until a later date when he is ready to give me another tour.

The 1700’s Pole Barn has had a few things updated such as a couple new poles, some metal roofing and electric lights, but that doesn’t take away from it charm.



I have some more photos if you are interested, but I would have to say these 3 say it all. If anyone out there has any cool barn photos to share hit me up I would love to see them.

See you all next time.


Mantis 2018 in 3D

It has been a few decades since I have seen a praying mantis up close. They have to be some of the most scary looking insects in the world, but so gentle and fragile to hold or touch.

 There is a saying that seeing one brings you luck, and I would agree, just to be able to see one after all these years was lucky for me.

 It also makes me think of the old monster movies from the 1950’s, let me know what you think and if you see them where you are.

Small but Fruitful

What can I say some years I plant the garden and I am overwhelmed with mother natures goodies other year I am going broke at the produce section getting fruits and vegetables. This year all I had was these 2 tomato plants that were gifted to me from a friend, I was told they were going to be beef steak tomatoes . . .


 I do not think I will be feeding the masses with this little guy, however I will tell you he was delicious just extremely hard to slice.

 Cherry tomato’s are just as awesome.